Welcome To Arunoday Energy Systems Private Limited

Arunoday Energy Systems, ROC Registered Company, is a state of the art solar renewable energy product manufacturing company
specializing in producing high-efficiency product


Our Business - We have entered into the manufacturing business of renewable energy business like solar glass, solar module.

Industry information - solar industry is very interesting industry, whether it is solar glass manufacturing or solar module manufacturing. A part of the Arunoday group which is well-known for the brand "Arunoday energy systems®" that manufactures a range of lab ware, scientific ware, and consumer ware products. Solar glass with the lowest iron content giving the highest glass efficiency. The solar glass with Anti-soiling coating. We get electric energy without harming the nature. Solar glass is made from natural products and it is 100% recyclable without waste. Cost savings would be imperative for businesses. Adopting rooftop solar could reduce the electricity costs while ensuring faster payback (typically in 3-4 years). Carbon emission reduction is also an important driver for many C&I Consumers.

Company Profile

  • The Present Solar Glass Manufacturing is 250 TPD (equivalent to solar glass for 2 GW of Solar Modules)
  • Solar glass with the lowest iron content giving the highest glass efficiency.
  • Fully tempered solar glass in 2MM thickness.
  • The solar glass with anti-Soiling Coating.
  • We are on our way to become a world class Company.
  • We have world class Team.
  • Arunoday energy systems is a complete renewable solution. Solar glass manufacturing, solar module manufacturing, solar module services.
  • The establishment years of Arunodaya Energy Systems private limited is 20-03-2023.
  • This is a combination of our young company and highly industrial experience management team. Which is capable of making a world class company.

The 3 biggest benefits of renewable energy

1. Alternative energy will never run out

The first and most important benefit of using renewable energy is in its name – it is renewable. It means that it will not run out. Ever. While fossil fuels will run out in 40-60 years, the sun will always shine, the wind will always blow, and the Earth will always have geothermal energy.

2. Benefits of clean energy: it protects the environment

Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases and pollutants. Using more fossil fuels means more harmful gases, which means more respiratory and cardiac health issues and global warming.

3. Saving money

Yes, renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also for our purses.

Top Renewable Energy Solution Provider

As a top renewable energy brand in Bihar, we manufacture the best utility scale renewable energy. We strive to provide the best solutions for sustainable solar products made in India. Our aim as a leading solar power company is to provide clean and green electricity at an affordable price to one and all.

Why Choose Us!


A National Solar Energy Provider

At Arunoday Energy Systems, our plant is armed with new-age machines, the latest technologies and an extremely robust inline process controlled by a tailor-made PLC system. We take pride in manufacturing high-quality products in India using the latest technology.

With the consolidation of leading-edge infrastructure and the best set of technologies, Arunoday Energy Systems has earned a reputation as the best company in renewable industries. As Bihar sails forward to increase the share of renewable energy in total capacity, we charge ahead, as a solar energy company in Patna, Bihar, with a solar movement satiating the energy demands of the nation.

Among the many renewable energy manufacturers in India Arunoday Energy Systems has made it to the position of the leading manufacturer of solar products in a limited time span.