Solar Module (AES Solar Module)

Solar Module (AES Solar Module)

High Efficiency AES Solar Module Manufacturers.

AES Solar Module That We Manufacture:

Arunoday Energy Systems AES Solar Module converts sunlight into electrical energy, which is further served into the main electricity supply of a house, apartment, industry, etc. or can be sold to the electricity grid. Reducing the requirement for fossil fuel generation. The expanding solar sector across the globe is creating job opportunities, supporting families and industries to save money, and reducing greenhouse emissions.
Arunoday Energy Systems is the largest AES Solar Module supplier known for better generation module manufacturing even in low light conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Positive Power Sorting, 0 to +5 Watt.
  • UV anti-glare Resistance and All Weather Load Resistance Glass.
  • 25 years Linear Performance Warranty.
  • Higher Reliability.
  • Best Quality Raw Material.
    • Manufactured on Fully Automatic Production Line.
    • Comprehensive Product Range.
    • PID Free Module Round 3 as per MNRE.
    • 5BB & Multi Bus Bar cells for improved Solar PV Module Efficiency and Power.
    • Improved Low Light Irradiance performance.
    • Compact Design, robust packing, Easy Handling & Efficient Shipping.
    • Unique Frame design with high mechanical strength.
    • 100% EL tested Pre & post Lamination, Higher reliability.
    • More than 40 In-House testing for better Quality products.


    We Manufacture Own Solar Module

    Pan India Presence Our growing presence across India as one of the leading solar Module manufacturers greatly helps with us with on-time service, local liasoning and efficient project management activities.


    We Make High Quality Solar Module By Ourselves

    We manufacture superior-quality mono crystalline solar Module and polycrystalline solar panels in our top-of-the-line solar manufacturing facility.

    Product Brief

    Final Quality Inspection

    The solar product is inspected before dispatch for visual inspection, packing and electrical parameters. After stringent Quality inspection, solar PV modules are dispatched to customers.

    Quick, Easy & Attractive Solar Financing

    Switching to Solar is Now Easier than Ever! Step into the world of solar energy solutions through our easy solar financing models and reap unprecedented financial and environmental benefits of going solar for your home and business.