EPC (AES Solar Module Services)

EPC (AES Solar Module Services)

AES is fundamentally changing the way solar is installed to make it more affordable, accessible, faster, safer,
efficient and scalable to accelerate decarbonization for businesses worldwide.

Arunoday Energy Systems, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services. We also provide solutions for Utility scale Ground-mounted, Rooftop and distributed Solar Parks, CAPEX as well as OPEX / RESCO projects.

Rooftop and Distributed EPC (AES Solar Module Services)

Are you looking for solar power solutions? You have come to the right place. Arunoday Energy Systems is one of the best EPC solar companies in Patna, Bihar. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients while also assisting through the entire process of project evaluation, design, engineering, operation and maintenance.

EPC (AES Solar Module Services)

Contributing to the success of the government renewable energy Project.

Government Project(i.e)

Government House

Government Offices

Government School

Maximum Government Premises.

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Top Power Solutions From Our Business

Solar power plants generate electricity from sunlight, which can be fed into the main electricity supply of a building or sold to the public electricity grid. The growing grid-connected solar sector across the globe is helping create jobs, enabling families and businesses to save money and cut greenhouse emissions.

Business Models We Offer:

Arunoday Energy Systems offers affordable solar solutions to enable a more sustainable energy culture. We offer financial solutions like CAPEX and OPEX/RESCO models.

Solar Modual Experts

We have passionate and knowledgeable solar panel experts and installers who can help you design and select the best solar plant system to suit your requirements.

Superior Quality Products

Only the finest and high-performing equipment is used in our solar power plant so that it will have longevity and dependability for many years to come.

Experienced Project Execution

The success of our industrial and residential solar installation projects is fueled by our strong and dedicated project execution team, with a focus on quality and performance.

Explore Our Solar Solutions

Find your ideal solution from our range of solar offerings.

CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)

In a CAPEX model, the asset is fully owned and 100% investment is borne by the customer. You need no pay tariff for the electricity generated, only O&M charges after purchase, Your capital investment is repaid through the electricity generated and saving can be as high as 4 years A dedicated technical team is required with the know-how to evaluate, design, install and operate the system.

The regulatory and compliance risks, performance risks, equipment management and downtime losses are borne by the customer As you own the asset you gain accelerated depreciation and can claim tax benefits. The CAPEX model of financing takes a longer time to be approved by senior management levels.

One-Stop Solar Power Provider

Arunoday Energy Systems is an all-in-one complete-service solar energy provider. Our team will take care of every single part of your project from the initial inquiry to the installation of the system.

Affordable and Durable

We’re committed to creating renewable energy more accessible by providing you with easy, affordable, and reliable solar plant systems for domestic and commercial purposes.

Free Solar Consultation

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reduce rising energy costs or a business owner aiming to make a difference, book a free solar consultation today.

End-To-End Solutions

As leading solar EPC contractors in India, we focus on offering end-to-end design, engineering, and O&M for solar projects across the commercial, industrial, residential and institutional sectors.

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