Solar Glass:- AES Renewable Glass

Solar Glass:- AES Renewable Glass

AES is fundamentally changing the way solar is installed to make it more affordable, accessible, faster, safer, efficient and scalable to accelerate decarbonization for businesses worldwide.

We are a professional glass supplier in India. We offer glass used for multi and mono crystalline solar photovoltaic modules. The content of iron oxide is significantly lower than in normal flat glass, which gives it a distinctive, nearly colorless appearance particularly when seen from the edge, and makes it a high solar energy transmitting glass. The textured surface helps to diffuse the light and inhibits the reflection of a part of the solar energy back into the atmosphere as compared to a polished surface, thus enhancing solar energy transmission. We are engaged to meet clients various need for Solar glass.

Our products confirm to the standards of various national and international testing and statutory agencies. Our Manufacturing is widely recognized and accepted in the solar industry.

Arunoday Energy Systems Private Limited - Leading Solar Glass:- AES Renewable Glass Company

Arunoday Energy Systems is a high-performance AES Renewable Glass Manufacturer. We are not only dedicated to meet the needs of C&I and residential clients adopting solar energy but are actively contributing to the country’s energy transition and climate objectives.

We manufacture superior-quality AES Renewable Glass in our top-of-the-line Solar Glass Manufacturing facility.
As one of the leading Solar Glass manufacturers in India, Arunoday Energy Systems prides itself on its international-standard in-house facility to produce top-grade solar glass manufacturing.

Solar Glass (AES Renewable Glass)

Very high hydrolytic resistance & ability to cater the requirement of larger module like 96 cells & standard 72/60 cells module.

2 times stronger than heat strengthened glass and 4 times stronger than annealed glass.

Has an enhanced mechanical strength over 180 MPa.

Much safer to operate with compared to heat strengthened glass.

Low iron textured solar Glass.

Antiglare Solar Glass

Solar glass with anti-reflective Coating.

Solar glass with anti- soiling coating.

Glass in Various thickness • 2mm , 2.5mm , 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 4mm